Why a new keyboard?

I brought this keyboard because I have been looking forward to owning a proper mechanical keyboard again for some time now.

The last proper keyboard I had was the ErgoDox EZ.

It was a good keyboard.

But this is even better I think.

QMK / VIA configuration.

This was a bit confusing at first. It still is but I have made some changes to suit my needs.

The best change that I did was to use the MT(MOD_HYPER,KC_Esc) instead of Capslock using the any key in the via software.

I think the VIA software is better than what I have been using previously because

  1. All the changes are permanent.

  2. It does it so fast and without any weird restarts.

But it also has limitations compared to usual QMK configurations such as the number of layers.

Also in the original qmk configurator, I do not see the option of the Kechron K8 Pro.

Switches and Layouts

I chose the red switches this time. I think it is good.. or atleast not bad.

I still think I want to purchase the brown switches and give them a decent try

As far as layout is concerned, I did not switch to Dvorak.

I was using DVORAK in my old keyboard but that has changed since then.. I have been using QWERTY for over a year now and I am so comfortable in it too.

I have basically reached the same typing speed as my older keyboard.

I really feel that I should replace the number line with the symbol line but that we will see later.

I have tried out dvorak but without switching the keys around it is difficult to relearn it again.

Plus then, when I get to work on a newer keyboard where I cannot modify much of anything, I will be stuck with QWERTY again.. So the better question is why even switch it out at all.

This is the best way to operate it.


I brought this keyboard from the keychron.in website. It arrived early. By my mistake, I had made an error