Nvim is the best editor so far. But we have to configure it.

Otherwise, it’s just a text editor.

The one down side I found is that it cannot be used very effectively over ssh.

Usually the VM’s are not configured like the way nvim is done locally.

So not a good idea to use it?

Nah, still it is so smooth and fast to use it as if this is the only thing that has made editing my files as fast as my thoughts.

Seriously the ability to move vertically using the normal mode : hjkl

That is some serious stuff.

Like I have been using this so seriously right now for the past few days that I feel that this is the best way to edit the code and also my diary.

It was not really worth setting up the obsidian editor for this blog

All because nvim is so good.

I use the astronvim configuration and I have not changed it a single bit.

I am very comfortable in using this.

I also think that it is more efficient as a note writer too but I have not really tried that.

Like Obsidian does have somethings for note taking which is more specialised.

The only selling point right now for vscode is the